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Blind Ambition is:

The feeling of drive and motivation you receive when starting something great. You aren’t quite sure exactly what is needed but you have the desire to get there. This will then mature into a focused vision which becomes the experiences we as gamers know and love.


Company Description:

We are an experienced and passionate team. We believe in putting the player’s enjoyment first and are not afraid to innovate and reiterate until those needs are met.


Quick Description:

Blind Ambition is a Michigan based Independent video game studio. The team consisting of remote individuals.


Company Backstory:

Blind Ambition was founded in 2017 by Raymond Bartos. The studio is composed of developers who have previously been co-workers for years. After their last title shipped. They decided they enjoyed working together so much that they started their own studio. In hopes to deliver experiences that they could pour their ambition into and video game fans would be proud of. The team is currently focused on delivering their VR horror experience with a learning AI under the name project Caligo.


Short Caligo Backstory:

Caligo originated as a passionate idea that turned into a full-time project for our small team of 6. Caligo is an ambitious title that we are putting our full focus into.


Name and Title:
Raymond Bartos- CEO/Project Director/Marketing/Design
Kevin Manning- Art Director
Paul Seyfarth- Programming Lead
Nick Mallonee- Unreal VR Generalist/AI Programmer
Kevin Ingrassia- 3D Artist
TJ Vance- Lead Writer



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